4 Useful Tips on Yacht Maintenance

4 Useful Tips on Yacht Maintenance

If you’re an owner of a yacht, you may or may not have a professional captain for its maintenance. If there’s no one maintaining the yacht for you, there are a few things that need to be done. These are the very things that can save you time as well as money. 

You may be an owner of a fishing yacht or a cruising yacht. Regardless of the type of your yacht, its routine maintenance can avoid costly repairs in the near future. Here, we have listed some of the useful tips for keeping your yacht running safely:

1. Clean your yacht after every use

This is the easiest and most important task you can do for maintaining your yacht in excellent condition. Saltwater is naturally corrosive. It affects parts of the yacht over a period of time. It is, therefore, imperative that you clean your yacht thoroughly after every use. You must use a sturdy cleaning brush to get rid of any salt stuck to the yacht. 

A pressure washing system can be quite helpful and time-saving. However, be careful not to use it in such a way that it damages the paint or finish. Choosing a good soap is also an essential part of the cleaning process. Use a brand that has been specifically recommended for marine applications.

2. Change the oil on your yacht’s engine regularly

Just like cars, yachts also require a regular change of oil on their engines. Whether your vessel has an inboard engine or an outboard one, never forget to change the oil. Failing to do this can reduce the engine’s life and performance. A good rule of thumb would be to change the oil after 100 hours of using the yacht. This may vary depending on the model and size of the vessel. 

This is relatively easier on an outboard engine than on an inboard one in the case of larger yachts. Both inboard and outboard engines must have a correct operating temperature before the change of oil. So, it is necessary to get them running before the oil change.

3. Have the propeller checked by a professional

One of the most vital parts of a yacht is the propeller. The oceans, lakes, and rivers can be full of debris and other particles. They can put the propellers of yachts at risk. It may be easy for you to spot such things on the blades of the propeller. What may go unnoticed is a bend on a blade. 

Considering this, it is always good to have the propeller checked by a trained professional. Any damage found on the propeller of your yacht must be fixed immediately. This can avoid further complications that can threaten the proper functioning of your yacht.  

4. Use the yacht maintenance services at a marina

You may easily find the yacht maintenance checklists on several websites dedicated to yachts and their servicing. While they’re useful to some extent, the service department at a marina is always the best option. They have professionals who can handle the routine maintenance of your yacht. 

It may cost you a certain amount, but such costs don’t matter in the long run. They’re far lesser when compared to the huge costs incurred as a result of improper maintenance. Routine maintenance done at the marinas can also increase your yacht’s resale value.