5 Amazing Features That Make Luxury Yachts Desirable

5 Amazing Features That Make Luxury Yachts Desirable

More than the size of luxury yachts, it’s the facilities offered onboard that makes them so special. Today, there are many such yachts available for charter. They can accommodate up to 40 guests and 60 crew members. Usually, they are owned by the rich and famous. 

Those who can afford the cost can also charter the luxury yachts for making their vacation truly memorable. Generally, the luxury yachts have a minimum length of 80 feet. Besides, they are fully equipped with the latest facilities for guests. Here are some of the prominent features you’ll find in most of luxury yachts:

1. Jacuzzi

Many of the luxury yachts provide hot tubs for their guests to make them feel relaxed. Generally, they are outdoor Jacuzzi, which offers panoramic views of the ocean. They may also have deck chairs and sun-pads near the tub along with well-stocked bars. 

Guests can gaze at the stars at night or soak up some sunshine during the day. Some of the luxury yachts also offer Jacuzzi as a part of the spa treatments provided on board. They’re usually provided with sauna and massage tables. The size and sophistication of these Jacuzzi would depend on the size of the yacht.

2. Gyms

You’ll also find dedicated gyms in these yachts, which have equipment like treadmills, stair climbers, and ellipticals. Those who exercise regularly can continue their fitness routines while on vacation in such gyms. Some of the companies providing luxury yacht charters also employ personal trainers. 

They can create a perfect routine to fit your needs during the time spent on board. In many of the luxury yachts, the gyms are glass-enclosed and provide some spectacular views. The gyms located near a pool would allow you to finish your exercise routine with a soothing swim.

3. Cinemas

One of the greatest surprises luxury yachts can give you is a dedicated cinema. Watching your favourite movie would be an excellent way to end your day. After having a busy day, this would certainly relax your senses. If you have your family accompanying you on the trip, watching a movie together would be lots of fun. 

This would also allow the entire family to spend some quality time together. Some luxury yachts have outdoor cinema, which allows their guests to enjoy a movie under the stars. This experience is made possible with the help of state-of-the-art screens.

4. Water toys

Among the best aspects of luxury cruises is the variety of water toys that they offer. You can choose from jet skis, standup paddleboards, AquaSkipper, and underwater scooters to have plenty of fun on the water. Anyone can indulge in their favourite water-based activities, whether young or old. Besides, you’ll have a knowledgeable crew to give you any assistance that you may need.

5. Spa treatments

Many of the luxury yachts have an indoor or outdoor spa for the rejuvenation of their guests. If you’re vacationing on any of these yachts, you’ll get to choose from a range of personalized therapeutic treatments. They’ll also have saunas and steam showers available for their guests. 

Such treatments allow you to soothe your tired muscles and cleanse the pores. Some of the luxury yachts also have crew members that specialize in yoga and aromatherapy.