6 Types of Yachts Commonly Used Today

6 Types of Yachts Commonly Used Today

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Simply put, a yacht is a sailing vessel that runs with the help of sails or a motor. Some of the yachts are equipped with a cabin and amenities that facilitate their overnight use. These yachts are generally used when cruising for pleasure. Another type of yacht is the one used for racing. In such types of yachts, the emphasis is more on performance and not so much on comfort. 

Yachts were first used by the Dutch navy to catch the pirates. Wood was the primary material used for constructing yachts until the mid-20th century. Today, materials like aluminium, steel, veneers, and plywood are used for building yachts. Given below are the different types of yachts used in recent times:

1. Sailing yacht

This is one of the traditional types of yachts. It’s an ideal choice for those who just want to enjoy a classic sailing adventure. Such yachts move with the help of traditional sails. Handling such sails requires some skills, as they need to be adjusted according to the direction of the wind. The hybrid varieties of sailing yachts feature a motor, which can be used to sail in case of an emergency.

2. Expedition yacht

Such yachts aren’t purchased or hired by people for spending some pleasant weekends. Of course, they can be used for such purposes, but they are truly meant for long journeys. Those planning long voyages on the sea can get some excellent benefits from expedition yachts. 

These yachts are loaded with all the stuff needed for fun and entertainment. Some of the expedition yachts are so luxurious that you’ll feel as if you’re staying in an elegant hotel.

3. Motor yacht

Commonly used for parties and casual getaways, these yachts are a modern version of the sailing yachts. Many individuals charter motor yachts for special occasions to have loads of fun. The size of these sailing vessels is big enough to host a large group. Among the facilities provided in them are dance floors and hot tubs. They may not be suited for travel to certain destinations, depending on the form of hull used in them.

4. Fishing yacht

Specifically designed for fishing, these yachts have a considerable amount of space for accommodating the fishing gear. Besides this, they also provide some basic luxuries needed on a fishing tour. Some of the companies offering such yachts for charter also equip them with the required fishing gear. 

Individuals wanting to charter a fishing yacht must know about the facilities provided before embarking on their trip. This would allow them to plan their fishing trip well in advance.

5. Catamaran

A catamaran can be described as a yacht with more than one hull. These sailing vessels are visually appealing and vary in design. Many of the catamarans would offer more space than traditional yachts. In recent times, catamarans have become immensely popular for hosting parties. 

They also come in a variety of styles. Some have traditional sails and others have motors. One would also come across catamarans that feature both of these options.

6. Cruisers

If a small group wants to have a fun-filled weekend or a vacation, cruisers would be a great option. Such types of yachts usually have smaller interiors, but there are larger ones categorized as cruisers. Generally, these yachts are used for short, recreational tours. While sailing, they also allow individuals on board to try fishing or swimming in the sea.